Please Meet One of my Blogging Friend, Rani R Tyas

By the time I started my blogging activity, my friend circle on Facebook is getting wider. But then the classic problem came up; I couldn’t differ some of them whose name are similar.

I have three friends whose name are very similar. There are Anggraini Rani Adityasari, Arinta Adiningtyas, and Rani R Tyas. Because of their similarity names, sometimes I write a comment on Anggraini Rani’s status with Arinta’s on my mind. More over when Mrs. Adiningtyas and R tyas appear on my wall at once; gosh... I have to be so careful so, I commented on the right person.

Fortunately, Mrs. Adiningtyas had come out as one of the winners "Arisan Link". Joined on this group, one must be write about the winner blog or profile. After writing about Mrs. Adiningtyas, finally I can differ the "Tyas" group by seeing their profile picture on Facebook. However the problem still remain when we’re having conversation on chat group. The "tyas-tyas" began to confuse me.

But problem, like the wise saying, always came up with a solution, One day I stopped by Mrs. R tyas’s blog, I found her blog’s tag was very unique, "Genggem Donya Langkung Seratan". I almost poke Mrs. Adiningtyas about her blog, because I remember that she lives in Central Java (happen to both of the "Tyas" live in Central Java). But soon I realize that I almost poke the wrong person when I saw Mrs. R tyas profile pic on twitter. Finally I can tell which Tyas who lives in Solo and Tyas who lives in Kudus.

About Coretan Ran,

There is a said says that we can see one personality or character by reading his writing. And I thought the said goes for Mrs. R tyas blog.

At first, I use a little formal language each time we’re having a chat. But then things goes differently after I dropped to her blog several times.

Mrs. R tyas blog is a lifestyle blog. She writes so many topic there. But she said that techno and blog/ apps is her favorite topic to write. At first, as many lifestyle blog, she wrote many things there. There is a post about the bitterness of singles, tips how to overcome a broken heart, and even a quiz to find out your love one.

However, it’s gradually changing, she began to use her blog professionally at 2015. Perhaps, she finally find out that one can monetize her blog or something.

I start following, and then come back to her blog often when she write her first impression of K-Drama, Descendants of the sun. She also wrote some others K-drama, which she ever seen.

Soon I can see her personality. In my opinion, Mrs. R tyas is typically a cheerful person. She loves to make a joke and have fun. However, It is just my opinion since I haven’t meet her personally.

Okay, it’s all about my blogging friend, Rani R tyas. You can see her at

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ranirtyas

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ranirtyas/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ranirtyas

9 komentar

  1. pecinta KPOP ya ternyataaaa mb Rani hihihii

  2. Aw.. Aw.. Even on my class there was similar name with me.. R Tyas, Zzzz.. but I am really glad that my twins (only a name) have a nice behaviour also smart.. Hahaha, btw thank you Mbaaaak..

    1. Everyone who land on this post, soon will find out that you're typically kind hearted, and cheerfull person. Thank you for always cheer up our group and to visit my blof often.

  3. Hello..here i am.. Mbak Raniii, what if we make a group named "the Tyas"? Hihi..
    Long time ago, i asked my granny, why my name is Tyas? I prefer to have a name like Agnes or Leony, wkwkwk.. Ya, both of them are beautiful and i was a big fans of them.
    But then my granny said, "adi means cantik. And tyas means hati. We wish you will be a kind-hearted girl."
    And after that, i'm so proud for having 'adiningtyas' as my name.

    Wah..komen panjang pake bahasa inggris ini. Tolong kalau ada yang salah tata bahasanya, saya dikasih tau ya Mba..biar bisa benerin lagi ke depannya..hihi

  4. One of the challenging things to have more friends on social media is definitely harder to remember and to find their name when we are looking at it. Good point mbak Rahayu :)


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